Cheap Thrills

September 10, 2006 Archive

The City of New Orleans used to promote Mardi Gras with the slogan "The greatest free show on earth." They meant that it was free to watch all of the parades and costumes and fun on the streets of the Quarter but somehow the phrase took on other impl… Read More »

Making A Scene - Celebrating Summer At The Riverfront

June 14, 2006 Archive

Among the strange personalities visitors can meet along the Riverfront is Patience. She's 21 years old, friendly, single and perhaps looks a tad overdressed in summer. But it goes with the territory for penguins. The African Black Footed penguin is o… Read More »

Swimming with Sharks

May 22, 2006 Archive

"You can't have an aquarium without sharks," says John Hewitt, director of husbandry at the Aquarium of the Americas. Even 25 years after the release of Jaws, popular fascination with sharks still draws frenzied viewers to Aquariums.… Read More »

Rolling on the River with Master Captain Al Christian

February 8, 2006 Archive

Master Captain Al Christian can turn the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen on a dime. Rather impressive for a 200 foot, 400 ton vessel. The massive red paddlewheel itself is 24 feet wide and 20 feet in diameter. But he doesn't always get credit for maneuver… Read More »

Ten Ideas For Family Fun

December 15, 2005 Archive

The image of New Orleans as an adult playland with everyone catching beads, downing Hurricanes and hitting the clubs till all hours isn't the whole story. Savvy families traveling with children give New Orleans high marks for its long list of … Read More »

New Orleans Offbeat History

November 26, 2005 Archive

Think of New Orleans and jazz and Mardi Gras come to mind. And then other things like voodoo and the infamous red light district, Storyville. But New Orleans' history is full of odd footnotes. The first licensed pharmacy in the United States w… Read More »

Emeril's City - Top Of The New Orleans Food Chain

November 26, 2005 Archive

Whether the competition is for the next big chef, hottest restaurant or heaviest citizens, New Orleans is a top contender. That means other people are talking about the city's food as well. From the Food and Wine's Best New Chefs to reader polls in o… Read More »

Dancing in the Streets: The White Linen Party Looks To The Tropics For Inspiration

August 1, 2005 Archive

If you can imagine an art gallery opening that doesn’t just spill into the streets but fills them, then you might have an idea what goes on at White Linen (Aug. 6). The annual summer gallery-opening party is one of the biggest events of … Read More »

Art & Architecture: Architecture Flourish in New Orleans

July 1, 2005 Archive

  Whether it’s art or architecture, with either a capital or lower case “A,” New Orleans has a taste for design. From the grandiose steel masterpiece that is the Louisiana Superdome to the un-ending details of a wrought … Read More »

D-Day Museum Commemorates the 60th Anniversary of D-Day

June 1, 2004 Archive

On the morning of June 6th, the 60th anniversary of the Normandy invasion will be commemorated on the historic beaches of France. It will also be commemorated here in New Orleans at the National D-Day Museum, opened in 2000. While the connecti… Read More »